Pura Vida
Arenal & Monteverde, Costa Rica
Sightings from the Dakotas
North & South Dakota
Canyon Adventures
Antelope Canyon & Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona
Around an Island
São Miguel, Azores
Waterfall Kind of Day
Lincoln, NH
Fall Colors of Minnewaska
Ulster County, NY
Stars from 12000 ft.
Rocky Mountain National Park
A Weekend of CO National Parks
Capital Art
Austin, TX
Birds, Butterfiles, and Gators
Gainesville, FL
FL 2021
NYC to MKE Pit Stops
Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky
The Mighty 5
Looking for Aurora
Upper Peninsula, MI
The Lighthouse
Lake Michigan
Banff and Surroundings
Alberta, Canada
Trails by the Lake
Porcupine Mountains, MI
Iowa Triangle
Davenport/Cedar Rapids/Dubuque
Sculptures and a Fall
Minneapolis, MN
B&W Beach Day
Milwaukee, WI
Lakefront & Snow Days
Milwaukee, WI
Lisbon, Portugal
Old Town Stairs & Colors
Girona, Spain
Barcelona, Spain
China Lights Festival
Milwaukee, WI
Atwater/Lake/Juneau Park
Milwaukee, WI
Trail Sightings in Franklin
Franklin, WI
Same Water, Different Views
Los Angeles, CA
Big Bend National Park
One City, Two Continents
Istanbul, Turkey
Day and Night
Vienna, Austria
Hike a Mountain, Hike a Lake
Salzburg, Austria
Prague Sightings
Prague, Czech Republic
Walls of Berlin
Berlin, Germany
Across the border
Toronto/Niagara, Canada
Snowday at Central Park
New York City
Not Kathmandu, Nepal
Peaks and Valleys
Pokhara/Bandipur, Nepal
Familiar City, 10 Years Later
Kathmandu, Nepal
NY State of Mind
New York City
3 Days with a New Lens
New York City
Sculpture Park
New York City
A Day in Kyoto
Kyoto, Japan
Faces in Action
Tokyo/Kyoto, Japan
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